My raison d'être is helping people blossom into their best selves. I genuinely care about others, I am quick to see their strengths and want to help them realize their potential. I also believe in the power of organizing individuals to address our world's knottiest challenges and believe that organizational life does not have to be miserable. I have a penchant for high-performance -- achieving results, building enduring relationships, engaging in continuous learning. I am a warm, fierce competitor.

I am incredibly grateful to the people who have invested in me and for the experiences that enable me to do this work, including:

  • My parents, who taught me the importance of love and rigor and my four siblings who provided my earliest training ground in interpersonal dynamics.
  • My teachers at Loomis Chaffee who stoked my intellectual curiosity and taught me to be a critical thinker.
  • My experience at The University of Carolina, Chapel Hill, as a Morehead Scholar (full four-year merit scholarship for academics, leadership, character) and the Captain of the Div. 1 Fencing Team.
  • The pivotal year I spent in Poland as a turn-around strategy consultant, helping state-owned enterprises adjust to recently opened markets as the Iron Curtain fell. There I saw first-hand the importance of jobs (and thus business) to healthy individuals, families and communities.
  • The best-in-class business training I gained from Harvard Business school and fifteen years at Monitor Company, a premiere, global strategy consultancy, where I advised Fortune 100 and 500 companies.
  • All I continue to learn by working side-by-side with my clients, who are incredible leaders doing important, hard work in the most challenging of times.

I am blessed with an incredible husband, a precious son and daughter and an adorable, affectionate, poorly trained dog. They bring laughter and light to every day. My favorite pastimes include being active outdoors -- be it walking with friends in the woods, hiking and camping with my family in national parks, swimming with my father in Lake Winnipesaukee, running the Reach The Beach relay race or riding the PanMass Challenge. My most meaningful volunteer efforts have been spent with the Appalachia Service Project, which organizes youth groups to do emergency home repairs and build relationships with families in Appalachia.