My Clients Are Enterprise Leaders Who Are:

  • Doing hard, meaningful work in complex, fast-changing environments -- and want to do it more effectively, efficiently, sustainably and joyfully.
  • Sophisticated, high-performing and interested in taking their own and their organization’s performance to the next level.
  • Intelligent, self-reflective, courageous and curious about how they may be getting in their own way or inadvertently contributing to the very challenges they are trying to overcome.
  • Committed to thriving professionally and personally and invest in their success and well-being.
  • Diverse in every sense. They come from different cultural and educational backgrounds, within the United States and globally. They operate across sectors and industries, at different sizes and in varying geographies.

Representative List of Clients:

  • Food / Agriculture (Bay State Milling)
  • Consulting (Analysis Group)
  • Financial Services (DE Shaw, Cambridge Associates, Wellington, six anonymous investment management firms)
  • High Tech (VistaPrint, Gemvara)
  • Pharma (Vertex, Momenta, Merrimack)


  • Criminal and Civic Justice (Center for Court Innovation; Vera)
  • Education (Achievement Network; BELL; Bellwether Education Partners)
  • Tech / Higher Ed Consortiums (edX, The Broad Institute)
  • Work Force Development (Center for Employment Opportunities, UTEC)
  • Youth Development (Domus, Dream, Youth Villages)