For Executives

C-level Strategic Thought Partnership
It has never been more challenging to lead an organization. I offer objective, confidential, seasoned thought partnership to executives who are navigating today's complex, dynamic context.

To each client's unique situation, with a laser-like focus on the results they are trying to achieve, I bring deep experience in enterprise strategy, leadership development, interpersonal dynamics, business management, systems dynamics, and organizational design. I have astute pattern recognition from decades of working with executives across industries, sectors and stages of growth. I am a keen listener. I help clients utilize their own knowledge, skill and experience, as well as external networks, frameworks, and resources. I draw from a broad repertoire of proven methodologies and cutting edge approaches, to identify what can work practically and tactically – for each client, in their situation.

I help leaders enhance the effectiveness of their top team and the organization overall. I work on issues as diverse as: leadership development; specific challenges or opportunities related to growth; getting “the right people in the right seats,” managing key relationships (including the Board); executive team performance; leadership pipeline development and succession planning; internal communication; organizational design; and building a positive, collaborative, inclusive and high-performance culture.

Simultaneously, I help clients grow and develop along their own individual learning edge. For executives who pour much of their life’s energy into their work, the professional is deeply personal. At the same time, it is often deeply personal behavioral patterns that make it hard for even sophisticated leaders to “get out of their own way.” Thus, my work with clients often takes place at the intersection of personal and professional challenge and growth.